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5 Star Customer Rating


  • Coach Larry Brown

    "I have really enjoyed working with Rhino Sports®- it's always great to be on a winning team. I have been fortunate enough to coach and play on all types of surfaces, and the Rhino Sports®surface is the best for my family."

    - Coach Larry Brown
  • Seven Year NBA Player Kyle Macy Swears by Rhino Sports®' Flooring.

    "Being an 'old school' basketball player, I thought a gym floor had to be wood. But after giving Rhino's sports a try, I changed my mind. Rhino floors play just like a wood floor but give me even more. When I throw a bounce pass, I want the ball to respond with the same action as the wood floors I have played on in the past. Rhino courts® does just that.
    And while my thinking is no longer 'old school,' my body still is and that's where Rhino gives me even more. After playing, I don't feel as sore in my joints and injuries seem to be reduced."

    - Kyle Macy, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Morehead State University
  • 1996 NCAA Champion Coach, Rick Pitino

    "After doing my research I'm confident Rhino offers the highest quality, the best service and the best value of any court investment."

    - Coach Rick Pitino
  • Head Volleyball Coach Thanks His Rhino Court® For Reducing Stress Injuries Among Athletes

    "Late in the summer, Murray, Kentucky had some horrendous rain showers causing a lot of flooding throughout the town of Murray. One of the places hit hard was Racer Arena, my volleyball court. It sat under about six inches of water. The floor was ruined and it needed to be replaced.
    Time was a huge factor. After making several calls and talking to several companies, the people of Rhino Sports® made my choice easy. Of course we looked at the quality of Rhino Flooring compared to the competition and felt Rhino Sports® had the best product on the market. Time was also a critical factor, and we needed a floor with our school colors. Rhino understood our dilemma. They worked extremely hard to get the floor in before our first home game. There was a lot to be done but they did it and did a great job. They were very helpful and walked us through it.
    The floor itself is awesome. The look of the floor is beautiful. The athletes love it and appreciate how it will reduce knee, shin, and overall wear and tear on their bodies. This floor is incredible. I can't say enough about it and what it will do for our program. Thanks to the people of Rhino Sports® for doing such a great job!"

    - David A. Schwepker, Head Volleyball Coach, Murray State University
  • Las Vegas Rhino

    My family and I absolutely love the Rhino Court! Between skateboarding, bicycles, kickball, and of course basketball it gets utilized almost every day. The re-bouncer net certainly added another dimension to the court and allows my kids the ability to practice their tennis skills. What I am most impressed with is its durability and low maintenance. Even though there is a park close by our house our children love to play in our backyard which gives my wife and I peace of mind.
    I am glad we chose to install a Rhino Court over a swimming pool. Thank you for the time you took in make sure the court was just right when it was installed. In doing the research of other companies, I felt Rhino was without a doubt the one to go with and you have proven that to be true.

    - Craig Seiden
  • I would like to take this opportunity to let Rhino Courts know what a wonderful employee you have in Miles Reynolds.
    Miles worked on a backyard basketball court at my home this summer. I found him to be both professional and personable. Oftentimes people get so caught up in their day to day activities that they take for granted good service. However, I felt it quite necessary to take the time to sit down and write this letter regarding Miles. He and the tech’s were very knowledgeable regarding their products and the Industry.
    Thank you Miles for your great professionalism! I really enjoyed the entire EXPERIENCE!

    - Trina Adams
  • Thank You Rhino Sports!

    Putting a Rhino Court in our backyard was a dream of my husbands. We found out about Rhino Sports®and decided to purchase their product because of its high quality and fantastic customer service. We've had our Rhino Court now for two years. It has been one of the best improvements / investments to our home. We have a large extended family with lots of nieces and nephews. Our family get-togethers always include the Rhino Court. It keeps the young children and adults active and entertained with all the different sports you can play such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and more.

    - Heather & Chuck Ruggeroli
  • Thanks for your hard work.

    Thanks for the excellent and timely job you performed on the completion of our court. The day it was complete my son and I played basketball for almost two hours and my knees felt fine afterward. I had my doubts, but it really does provide the cushion of a wood surface, not to mention the great traction. There is no way I could have played that long on my concrete driveway. The court looks great too. It begs you to get out there and get it on. I look forward to my house being the hub of neighborhood activity for my kids and their friends in the years ahead.

    - Lance Jordan
  • I can't begin to express how happy we are with our court! Our son plays basketball year round competitively, not to mention I also run a daycare. I can not put into words how much this investment into our family home paid off! We have had our court for about six months; our son is it on it daily, rain or shine. He loves to have friends over to play too. We can feel secure knowing as he gets older he will have a safe place to hang out with his friends.
    The process of building the court went so smoothly and we could not have done it without you and your crew. Your ideas along with our vision really exceeded the expectation we had. Again, thank you so much for all of the help in building and designing our court.
    We truly are thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that you and your workers had with us and our backyard dreams. You helped it all come together and we thank you for that.

    Yours Truly,

    - Chris and Erica Kelly
  • We all love the rhino court. It has turned out to be a great investment and we are happy to have it now.

    - Lee Handley
  • Bay Area Rhino

    I wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for your diligence in continuing to call me over the past couple years! The Rhino court that was put in over this past year has been better than I had ever expected----and I started with extremely high expectations! Not only is it perfect for our kids (5 & 3) to bike on, roller skate, scooter on-----they have loved playing paddle ball as well as basketball. (All this goes without saying Dad is thrilled to be able to get out an relieve the 'good ol' days'.....a bit slower but its all good!) The court has truly left an impression on our friends and their kids as well. While many live in much larger homes, etc-----everyone wants to come over here to play on the court!
    Given your customer service level coupled with a great product, I would always be happy to be a reference for you! Let me know if I can ever help you out. Thanks again for everything!

    Best Regards,

    - Kevin C. Prahm
  • Farrell, the court has worked out great. The first week after we put it in we had over 20 5th graders here playing basketball after school. I’m the envy of all the neighborhood dads. The court has been great to play on, but it’s also been a great aesthetic enhancement to our back yard—it just looks much better than it did. Thanks for all your work; we couldn’t be more pleased with the whole package.

    - John W. Earl
  • Connecticut Rhino

    Thanks so much for installing our court! As a homeowner it's a stressful having your yard torn up and crews of strangers parading through. Working with you and your "team" was really a pleasure. We're really happy with the result. The kids have spent a lot of time out on the court, and we've enjoyed it too.
    We especially appreciate the extra effort you made to get things ready for our daughter's first communion party. Please feel free to offer our name and number to anyone considering installation. We'd be happy to provide an enthusiastic reference! (Of course you may want to leave out the Yankee fans...)

    Thanks Again!

    - Dave & Sheila Corban
  • It was such a pleasure to work with you on developing a court for our son's school. As you know this is a school for Autistic children and you were great when it came to considering the many special needs involved when developing a safe play area for the kids. Sometimes the smallest things can throw these guys off and you were very patient when it came to developing the perfect area.
    Sometimes you even thought of things I had not even considered. For instance, you suggested the gradual sloping from the court to the track around the court for safety reasons. I was so excited by the court and track combination I hadn't even thought of that. You and your crew were also very considerate of working around the children and not disrupting their day or play time on the nearby play ground and this was truly appreciated by all. Your focus on the detail of all these issues provided the children with a terrific looking court but most importantly a safe environment for them to play and socialize on.
    The kids and staff have been enjoying the court on a daily basis and they feel very special to have such a beautiful place to play on. They are also the talk of the neighborhood and not for the usual reasons. So thank you for helping to create such a wonderful and safe place for them to play and socialize. If we do any further work in this area we will be sure to contact you.


    - Maureen Watson
  • It has exceeded our expectations in so many different ways.

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note on how happy we are with our Rhino Court. It has exceeded our expectations in so many different ways.

    First and foremost is how it came out, you and your team we able to carve it into the existing landscaping and in doing so created a very accessible location that blends into the environment.

    Second expectation exceeded has to the usability and versatility of the court. The court gets as much use from badminton as it does from basketball. Every sport has been played and it allows for non stop action...if they get bored with one game onto the next. Of course everyone thinks the light is the coolest aspect, it does allow for the court to be use all time and has no impact on the neighbors.

    Lastly, it is amazing what a central point it has become for entertaining. The kids and their friends are one thing but we have had the opportunity to host a large family party this summer and the court was in use from 10:00 in the morning to midnight and everyone at the party was on it at one time or another.

    Thanks again to you and your team for working so closely with us in the planning phase and then the building phase. The court not only gives the kids a great place to get out and exercise but we have enhanced the value and character of our home as well.

    Please feel free to use me as a reference every chance you get and we are always willing to show off the court if you have anybody who would like to see it in person.

    - John Durkin
  • Arizona Rhino

    I feel compelled to write this brief letter of appreciation regarding my recent experience with your company Rhino Sports.
    As you are aware, there is some competition in the area of backyard courts and I did a thorough investigation of all possible companies prior to installing my court and putting green. I found your product to be exceptional quality and the pricing competitive, but what convinced me above all was the customer service. Anyone who has built a custom home or designed and landscaped their property understands how difficult it is to find honest workers who complete a project ton time and exactly as promised, without the frustrating multiple excuses for delays and poor quality.

    Rhino Sports®was my shining light during my recent home construction. They met me during off hours and discuss and design my project. He listened to my desires and created a product that my kinds and I look forward to coming home and utilizing daily. Once the project was installed and complete (perfect and on time), they came over and educated us on the use of the multiple games and maintenance. They even took time to follow-up a few weeks after we had enjoyed our new court to see if we had any questions or needed anything adjusted to suite our needs.
    I look forward to watching my kinds get years of enjoyment from our new Rhino Court and thank you again for the exceptional customer service and the most pleasant experience associated with my entire new home construction.

    - Gabriel J. Perry
  • Thank you for your generous donation of the new basketball court surface and two incredible basketball hoops to Villa Montessori School. The children at Villa are extremely appreciative of their new play area. Your support in our quest to educate the Villa students in a true Montessori environment is appreciated by all that work at Villa.

    As you know, Villa and all charter schools are extremely budgeted so all donations are welcomes. We cannot continue our success without support from companies like Rhino Sports. We are truly blessed by having support like your to help us accomplish our goals by sharing your financial support through the donation of your fabulous products.

    - Sue Watson, Director of Special Events
  • This letter is in reference to Rhino Sports®and the job they did for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    We made contact about a month prior to the Diamondbacks 2007 Fan Fest in hopes of partnering with Rhino Sports®to enhance the experience of our fans. We heard about Rhino on the radio and were given Gavin Hensing's name and told that he would help us with our needs. Gavin came down to the ballpark and surveyed the areas where we thought Rhino could be used. Gavin was very knowledgeable and easily figured out the surface area we would need, the right colors and when it could be installed.

    We ended up using three different pieces for whiffle ball derby and it couldn't be a bigger hit. Diamondbacks players pitched to the kids and it was by far the success story of 2007 Fan Fest. We also noted several times when kids stumbled or even slid and that could have been a problem if they were on pavement.

    In conclusion, the Diamondbacks plan to work with Rhino Sport for all future needs and possibly for a permanent kid's area at Chase Field. Please feel free to call me with any questions regarding Rhino Sports.

    Best regards,

    - Tim Emory
  • The field makes it feel like we have more of a big-time program. You don't roll your ankles nearly as much. It's perfectly flat. It helps me on offense and defense.

    - Chaparral High School
  • This past spring, our school made the decision to have a multi-purpose court added to the playground area. The driving force behind this decision was to help aid the physical education program, as well as to provide the kids in the after school program a place to remain active.

    Once the decision was made to invest in a court, we had several companies come out and bid on the project. From a very early stage, it was apparent that Rhino Sports®was the most knowledgeable and customer service oriented of the bunch. They provided prompt and honest feedback on our project and really helped work with us to design the court that we wanted, not the court they wanted to sell us. In fact, they even participated in a school fundraiser to help raise the money for the court!

    The court has been in for a few months now and the feedback has been 100% positive. Dozens of kids crowd the court daily and play everything from volleyball to basketball to our new favorite game, pickle ball. To date, we have yet to have single injury or even a skinned knee, a testament to Rhino Sports®kid friendly surface.

    The court is truly one of the best investments the school has made and we would highly recommend Rhino Sports®and their friendly staff to anyone considering putting in a court. In fact, a handful of families at the school have already contacted Rhino Sports®to have courts and putting greens put into their homes.

    - Jaci Carroll, Special Resources Teacher
  • Colorado Rhino

    I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for working with me to design and deliver our Rhino Court. I appreciated the process in working with your team. You were able to complete our project on time and on budget. More important is that after the installation you were there to help us with a few minor changes to make sure we were completely satisfied. Please feel free to use me personally for any prospective client as a reference. If you have a family that wants a chance to come see our court, please don't hesitate to call me.

    Our family is getting a tremendous amount of time and fun with our rhino court and I am glad we made the investment.

    Take care,

    - Craig Tobin
  • We hired Rhino Sports®to build a basketball court in the backyard of our home in the Preserve at Greenwood Village. Mike and Julie Pettit were total professionals to work with. We had a specific "vision" of what we wanted our court to look like and they took the time necessary to make it a reality.

    The surface of the Rhino Court is comparable to any high-end professional basketball Court. My husband is a basketball aficionado and is very pleased with the form and functionality of every aspect of the court.

    We enjoyed our experience with Rhino Sports®of Colorado and would recommend them to others.

    Very truly yours,

    - Amy and Jeff Springer
  • I'm just writing to tell you about our Rhino Court. The court has been in place, as you know, since August 2007. My kids love to play on it and I have a blast playing short tennis and shooting hoops. It works great.

    Although I'm impressed with the quality of the Rhino product, what I am most impressed with is your willingness to stand behind the product. You have been responsive to our requests and stand behind your product. At the end of the day, that is what matters.

    Thanks again!

    - Michael Kranitz
  • Los Angeles Rhino

    The court is fantastic my wife and children love it. Thanks for all your work. Its beautiful everyone that comes to my house compliments me on the court because it makes my back yard look even more beautiful.

    You and your company are a class act. I appreciate all your help.

    Please stop by when you get a chance to shoot some hoops.

    Let me know when you are in the area.

    Thanks again.

    - Matt