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Court Builder: Design & Installation of Court Tile Flooring

Rhino Sports® is a court builder with decades of experience in designing and building courts for indoor and outdoor sports ranging from basketball and tennis to hockey, volleyball, and more. For residential and commercial court design, our court builders use the most technologically advanced materials available to accommodate professional athletes and novices alike. Whether you need a court installed at your home or recreational facility, for indoor or outdoor play, Rhino Sports is the court builder to call.

Your Court Builder for Gyms, Residential Courts and More

Rhino Sports has high-performance court flooring that is designed for comfortable, safe play, regardless of the sport or sports you enjoy. We provide cost-effective, low-maintenance court tile and flooring for recreational facilities and residential courts, both indoor and outdoor. Our court builders install court tile that is wear-resistant so you can enjoy playing your favorite sports and games on them for years to come.

One-of-a-kind Solutions for the Court of Your Dreams

Rhino Sports creates designs custom indoor and outdoor athletic surfaces for recreation as well as competition. Our experienced court design specialist will consult with you to answer some questions regarding your specific situation. How much space do you have available on your residential or commercial property? Does your local jurisdiction require architectural review and permitting? What kind of sport, or sports, do you want to play? For indoor and outdoor courts, Rhino Sports can create both single-sport and multipurpose court solutions that are versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

A Myriad of Options in Court Tile and Design

A perfect court design starts with the flooring. Our custom court builders will consult with you on the best court tile options available. Once you’ve selected the best option for your project specifications, the court builders at Rhino Sports will ensure your court is installed for professional grade play, regardless of your level of athletic proficiency. From hockey tiles that are secure and seamless for smooth skating and optimum puck glide to durable basketball court flooring sited for most intense basketball activity, our court flooring solutions are designed with you in mind.

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Call our court builders for an initial consultation to discuss your activity requirements, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Our in-house court design team will customize a court to your unique specifications and deliver a high-performance court that is safe, durable, and cost-effective. Always have the homecourt advantage with Rhino Sports.