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Residential Court Flooring Builder: Court Tile Design & Installation

Rhino Sports® provides court construction, installation and resurfacing for every sport imaginable. We use the most cutting-edge products available to create basketball courts, tennis courts, gym flooring, putting greens, volleyball courts, garage flooring, and more. For indoor courts and outdoor courts, large or small, we work with you to design a space that fits your unique needs, wishes, and budget.

Custom Designed Courts for Your Home

Whether you play basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, or something else – Rhino Sports can build you a beautiful, professional-grade court that fits your unique needs and integrates seamlessly into your existing landscape or home design. Rhino Sports has high-performance gymnasium flooring and courts that are designed for comfortable, safe play, regardless of your sport.

Our court designers will create a custom court for you that includes options for colors, logos, family crests, and more. With Rhino Sports, the sky’s the limit!

Multipurpose Courts at Home

If you have kids, you’ve probably seen a few backyard playgrounds in your day. All too often the kids outgrow them, the equipment breaks and falls into disrepair, or the kids get bored with it. Rhino Sports can design and build a custom multipurpose court at home that can maximize your property space and provide endless options for kids’ activities. From hockey, shuffleboard, bowling, and tennis to skating rinks, hopscotch and giant chess games, the kids will ever be bored again!

High-Performance Courts, Customized for You

Athletes and coaches alike know just how crucial court flooring can be for both safety and performance. Over 20 years of experience and engineering go into every one of our outdoor court tile solutions. This ensures that you’re playing on the most technologically advanced outdoor court flooring available. Rhino Sports builds courts that absorb shock to minimize stress and fatigue that can keep you from playing as long or as frequently as you’d like. We’ve got you covered aesthetically as well. From design to build, our court designers will customize your court with colors and designs that include team logos or a family crest or that complement your home’s existing landscape and color palette. Choose from endless possibilities with the help of our experienced court designers.

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Call our court builders for an initial consultation to discuss your activity requirements, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Our in-house court design team will customize a court to your specifications and deliver a high-performance court that is safe, durable, and cost-effective.