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Commercial Court Flooring Builder: Court Tile Design & Installation

Rhino Sports® is a court builder with decades of experience designing and building courts for indoor and outdoor sports including basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball and more. Our court builders and designers use the most technologically advanced materials available to accommodate professional-grade athletes and novices alike. Whether you need a court installed at your home or your commercial facility, for indoor or outdoor play, Rhino Sports is the company to call.

Custom Courts for All Levels of Play

Rhino Sports creates courts and flooring systems that provide enjoyment and skill development space to players of all levels, from novice players to pros. We use the highest performing materials for exceptional construction, design, build, installation, and floor resurfacing. Rhino Sports’ gym floors are integral to help absorb shock and lessen strains and fatigue injuries, as well as extending the playing time of your athletes.

Safe, Comfortable Court Flooring

Athletes and coaches alike know just how critical how critical the flooring beneath their feet can be for both safety and performance. Rhino Sports’ indoor and outdoor courts help absorb shock to minimize strain and injury and to extend the comfortable playing time of your athletes. With our suspended floor design, you get a shock absorbing system that’s ideal for aerobics, perfecting your jump shot, enhancing your tennis game and much more, all while protecting your muscles and joints.

Multipurpose Court Design for Commercial and Public Facilities

Do you need a multipurpose court? Whether this court is needed for a training facility, recreation center, school, church, or gymnasium, a multipurpose court installation is a great way to optimize your space and provide your players, students, and athletes with a wide range of activity options. And it’s not just for sports. Wherever folks gather in droves, you need a multipurpose court that can physically withstand the beating. From the roughest of team sports to the high volume of traffic a community center sustains for bake sales, rallies, voting stations, pageants, and more, you need multipurpose court installation that is durable, versatile, and visually appealing. Multipurpose court installation lets community centers accommodate a full schedule of games and events to help maximize their facility’s profits and usage.

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