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Multi-Purpose Athletic Court: Tile Flooring Design & Installation

With decades of multi-purpose court industry experience, Rhino Sports® has been engineering, designing, manufacturing, and installing floors, basketball systems, tennis courts, and more for professional play as well as family fun. For single-sport and multipurpose court design, both indoors and out, we use the most technologically advanced products.

Multipurpose Court Installation for Residential and Commercial Use

A multipurpose court is a playing surface that integrates multiple sports into one space by providing multiple sets of lines for different games, merging spaces for basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, hockey, and more. Exemplary multipurpose court design can maximize limited space, provide endless options for kids’ activities, and turn a sports arena into a community event venue with little to no effort.

Do You Need a Multipurpose Court Installation?

Whether the court is for your residence or a community facility like a recreation center, school, church or gymnasium, a multipurpose court installation is a great way to optimize space and provide your family, players, students, and or athletes with a wide range of options. At school or home, the kids will never be bored again. Multipurpose court installations let community centers and accommodate a full schedule of games and events to help maximize their facility’s profits and usage.

Cutting Edge Technology in Multipurpose Court Design

Over 20 years of experience and finesse go into every Rhino Sports product. This ensures that you’re playing on the most technologically advanced product available. We incorporate advancements in design as well as engineering into multipurpose courts and courts intended for single-sports for residential and facility use, both indoor and out. Our durable, high-performance products are suited for professional play or family fun.

Multipurpose Court Design for Public and Private Facilities

When folks gather in droves for play, spectator sports or community events, you need a multipurpose court design that can physically withstand the beating. From the roughest of team sports to the high volume of traffic a court sustains, you need multipurpose court installation that is both durable and versatile, and visually appealing. In addition to the safety, high-performance, and durability of Rhino Sports all our products, our outdoor multipurpose courts are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and designs.

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