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Indoor Athletic Court: Tile Flooring Design & Installation

Rhino Sports® creates custom athletic courts for indoors and outdoor sports for all levels of play, from recreational to professional. The court builders of Rhino Sports provide durable, high-performance courts that start with the most technological court flooring. Rhino Sports crease courts that are custom designed to accommodate all levels of play and to reflect your personality and style.

Indoor Court Flooring for Year-Round Play

Rhino Sports has indoor basketball courts and indoor tennis courts that are specially designed for the most comfortable play at the most reasonable price. It all starts with installing the perfect indoor court flooring, so you can practice your favorite sport regardless of the weather conditions outside. Take your game to the next level with our state-of-the-art, high-performance multi-purpose indoor court flooring system for your professional-grade indoor tennis courts and indoor basketball courts.

Custom Designed Indoor to Fit Your Style and Your Team

Whether you’re looking for a private indoor tennis court for at-home practice or an indoor basketball court for your college campus, high school, fitness center or other recreational area, Rhino Sports has the indoor court flooring for you. We offer custom indoor court designs including favorite colorway, sports team insignia, school logo, facility name, and more. With Rhino Sports, the sky’s the limit!

Safe, Comfortable Indoor Court Flooring

Athletes and coaches alike know just how critical how critical the flooring beneath your feet can be, for both safety and performance. Rhino Sports indoor courts help absorb shock and lessen strains and fatigue injuries and extend the playing time of your athletes, safely and comfortable. With our suspended floor design, you get a shock absorbing system that you can use for aerobics, perfecting your jump shot, enhancing your tennis game and much more, all while protecting your muscles and joints. There truly is no other flooring system like the multi-purpose sports flooring from Rhino Sports.

Our indoor courts are not just for basketball or tennis; they can be used for multiple sports – including volleyball, badminton and even roller hockey!

Contact Our Court Builders and Designers Today

Rhino Sports’ court designers will consult with you on your visions and specifications for your court and build for optimum performance durability and aesthetic. Whether you desire an indoor or outdoor tennis or basketball court, the construction specialists of Rhino Sports will seamlessly implement the design of your property and result in a personalized custom solution that meets your family or facility’s specific needs. Call us today.