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Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball is a growing sport. While it CAN be played on any hard surface, all surfaces are NOT created equal.  For serious Pickle ball players that are interested in honing their game for conversation, there is no substitute for a traditional acrylic court.  These courts are the same surface that would be found at any facility.  Modular tile floors like the Rhino MT34 surface CAN be used for the casual player but there WILL be an inconsistent bounce that will irritate the more competitive player.  A few tile manufacturers have come out with a "Pickle Ball Specific" option.  There is no way to simulate the true bounce of an acrylic court with a plastic tile.  These tiles are simply a marketing ploy that will lead to dissatisfied clients.
There are Pro's and Con's to both acrylic courts and suspended tile courts.  The Rhino MT34 surface is a durable, versatile, safer and maintenance free option.  Family's are encouraged to allow virtually any activity (no ice skating) on the tiles.  Bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller hockey and more are perfectly suited for the tiles.  The tiles are great for tennis and have a very similar bounce to a suspended indoor hardwood floor.  They come in a variety of colors that can either blend with most backyard color scheme or allow you to show off your school colors.  The tiles come with a 12 year warranty and should function well beyond that with no maintenance. The tiles also provide a safer space for the family.  A bottle dropped on the tiles will not break.  The tiles are also designed to flex slightly when a player pivots.  This reduces fatigue and injuries. The only negative is the bounce of the light weight plastic Pickle ball.
Acrylic courts require costly maintenance every few years.  There is a limit to what can come into contact with the surface.  Go to any public court.  You will find a sign that says "no bikes, no skateboards, no black soled shoes".  Allowing your family to use these things will result in the court deteriorating at a MUCH more rapid rate or being destroyed.  The acrylic court is really just concrete or asphalt with a few coats of paint.  A bottle dropped on the court will break.  The chances of injury are far greater should a fall occur.  The only reason to build an acrylic court is to create a Pickle ball court with the same bounce as the local park.
If you are looking for a safe, durable and versatile court for the family to enjoy for the next 2 decades AND understand that Pickle ball WILL be frustrating then the tiles are the way to go.
If you are looking to train for competition on a "true" Pickle Ball court AND understand that you need to closely monitor and limit the use of the court by the rest of the family then acrylic is the way to go.
The choice you make will determine the construction strategy.  Foundations for these very different surfaces are constructed much differently.  The texture, slope and sub-base of the court foundation is different.  So make the decision as to what surface will fit best with your goals BEFORE pouring concrete to avoid a less than optimal finished product.
We can build both courts equally well.  We CAN also make the best out of any mistakes you made when you poured your pad BEFORE deciding on the surface.  Feel free to call for a free phone consultation.