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Welcome To Rhino Sports

If you are a professional athlete, a professional wannabe, or an amateur who enjoys a fun game, you know that practice makes perfect. In fact, you can never practice enough! Finding a place to practice the sport exactly as it is meant to be played can be difficult. You create makeshift spaces in an attempt to replicate the sport’s actual playing conditions. Inevitably, the conditions are less than ideal.

Rhino Sports specializes in creating indoor and outdoor courts for recreational and professional use in residential and commercial areas, including home backyards and school gymnasiums. Whether it is a basketball, tennis, or multi-sport court, Rhino Sports guarantees durability, suspended flooring for safety, and individually-packaged layouts and designs. The company’s goal is to design a court that is right for its specific environment and adheres to your intended use.

What Rhino Sports Does

With over 20 years of engineering and design experience, Rhino Sports is equipped to handle multi-sport court queries and is up to date with the latest technologies. Rhino Sports offers additional products beyond courts and floors, including lighting systems and sports equipment and accessories, such as tennis rackets and nets. Additionally, Rhino Hoops is an NBA-approved basketball system that you can incorporate into your court for fun and skill development.

Rhino Sports does not operate alone. Its partner SYNLawn, a synthetic grass company with 75 international locations, can complement the design of your brand new sports court with turf or putting greens. Currently, Rhino Sports is open to other business connections as well. Its Rhino Sports Affiliate program is an opportunity for companies specializing in landscaping or backyard entertainment to sell Rhino Sports products with no annual minimal purchase and branding restrictions. Companies can use Rhino Sports products to attract new customers and add additional flair to their services to existing customers.

What Our Clients Say

According to testimonials, customers from all over the country who have used Rhino Sports are pleased with the company’s customer service, quality, and competitive pricing. Many are parents who have used their newly-installed, versatile backyard courts for cycling, roller skating, and other activities with their children.

If you are thinking about a recreational addition to your backyard or know that the local community center gym needs a resurfaced athletic floor, contact Rhino Sports at 1.800.585.0922. You can work with specialists to obtain quotes, discuss design options, and more. Or, you can just start with some basic questions to see if Rhino Sports scores well with you.