Rhino Sports® Flies High in New Partnership with World Renowned Slam Dunk Artist and Champion Kenny Dobbs | Rhino Sports

Rhino Sports® Flies High in New Partnership with World Renowned Slam Dunk Artist and Champion Kenny Dobbs

SCOTTSDALE, Az. –Rhino Sports® is thrilled to announce a partnership with International Slam Dunk Champion and community leader Kenny Dobbs.  A long-time friend of the company and fellow Phoenician, Kenny exemplifies what Rhino Sports stands for both on and off the court.   Rhino Sports has provided courts for the NBA, Coca-Cola, Sprite, ESPN, TNT and many of the major Brands that Kenny has performed for, so this partnership makes perfect sense.

As a part of the partnership, Kenny will perform utilizing a customized full-court made with Rhino Sports MicroTrac34™ surfacing.  Kenny’s new Rhino Court® will travel globally in a variety of exhibitions and dunk contests.  The first of those exhibitions will take place right in Kenny’s hometown on March 9th at Westgate.

“All you need to do is type Kenny Dobbs name into YouTube to see his incredible dunking,” states John Shaffer, President of Rhino Sports.  “What the dunks do not show you is what an amazing person Kenny is off the court and within in his community.  He is using his amazing talent as a platform to help promote progress for safer schools and communities nationwide including initiating a nationwide anti-bullying campaign. These efforts are why we are honored to support Kenny Dobbs and continue to provide positive avenues for our youth to channel their energy.”

As Kenny’s fan base has grown, he identified a need for a court that was easy to transport and install at his events without sacrificing quality in surfacing.  Rhino Sports MicroTrac34 responsive modular surfacing provided just that for him.  “The Rhino Sports surface has as good or better bounce than any outdoor surface I have played on”, said Kenny.  “This court is a truly a blessing and is a dream come true, as it allows me demonstrate to youth what can be accomplished with positive direction and motivation.  With Rhino Sports I have more confidence in both my performances and the ability to deliver a positive message to our kids that quite possibly need it the most.”

Rhino and Kenny are planning other events with the goal of keeping youth and families active.  You can stay updated by visiting www.rhinocourts.com or Kenny’s official website www.kennydobbs.com

About Rhino Sports

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Rhino Sports has been engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing multi-sport floors, basketball systems and associated products for professional play or family fun. The company provides the most technologically advanced product available with its suspended, synthetic athletic flooring that is used both indoors and outdoors. Whether for professional or recreational use, Rhino Sports floors are ideal for competitive basketball, volleyball, racquet and other sports. For more information, please visit www.rhinocourts.com.

About Kenny Dobbs

World class dunker, Kenny Dobbs, may be in his 20’s, but you wouldn’t know it from his resume. He is  recognized internationally as “The best slam dunk artist in the world”. He’s toured with the NBA and Sprite as a celebrity dunker, performing in front of sold out stadiums during Halftime Shows, Celebrity Games and NBA All-Star Weekends. When he’s not on the court, he’s in front of audiences delivering with confidence and conviction a message of hope, inspiration, and what’s possible for those willing to rise above the obstacles of life.  For more information on Kenny and his upcoming events, please visit www.kennydobbs.com


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